There are currently 65 Yunus Social Business Centers at prestigious colleges and universities around the world teaching thousands of future business leaders how to “change the world.”

All of the university based Yunus Centers can be considered a think tank for issues related to economic innovations, focusing particularly on poverty alleviation and sustainability.  Each acts as a hub to facilitate exchange of ideas among academics, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and government officials.

As the world grapples with income and wealth distribution concentration, along with poverty and unemployment for our growing global population, universities from around the world are establishing Yunus Social Business Centers in response to this generation’s desire for a “new kind of capitalism that serves humanity’s most pressing needs.”  The mission of the Yunus Social Business Resource & Support Center (USA) is to support the creation of new university led YSB Centers in establishing innovative curricula, the sponsorship of seminars on social business, engagement with local business and government leaders and joining with students in becoming actively involved with solving social concerns locally, nationally or internationally.  The YSB Resource & Support Center (USA) was enthusiastically encouraged by Prof. Yunus to bring the concept of ‘social business’ to American universities, business leaders, government leaders, and concerned philanthropists.  


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