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"Business based on the selflessness that is in all of us. I call this social business"

Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Co-founder of Yunus Social Business


Muhammad Yunus described social business as “a non-dividend company that is created to address and solve a social problem.” Such models do represent business, but one built around the improvement of modern society’s social, economic and environmental well-being. Self-profit always comes second.

A social business is a company with a social mission at its core. Set up to solve a specific problem to the benefit of poor or disadvantaged members of society, social businesses operate exactly like normal companies except for a few small differences.
Unlike a charity, a social businesses
generates profit and aims to be financially self sustaining. Removing the need for fundraising allows social businesses to re-invest profits back into generating sustainable social impact.
A social business is a company that either creates
income for the poor or provides them with essential products and services like healthcare, clean water or clean energy.
100% of the company profits are reinvested in continuing the company’s social mission.



In 2017 Prof. Muhammad Yunus looked at the tremendous growth of YSB Centers at universities around the world and concluded that America had no central body which existed to encourage ‘social business’ hubs.  His answer was to sanction the launch of the YSB Resource & Support Center (USA) as a means of stimulating ‘social business’ discussion among academics, students, business leaders, government officials, and philanthropists.  We are a not for profit entity to serve future university members – and others – in their growth and development.


Our goals are simple:

  • Advance the concept of ‘social business,’ as articulated by Dr. Yunus, here in America as a means toward addressing humanity’s most pressing needs; including poverty, environmental degradation, and social inequities

  • Assist in establishing 20 new university guided YSBC’s by 2020

  • Serve in a national coordinating capacity all university partners toward advancing course curricula, student engagement, and academic scholarship on the phenomenon of social business

  • Engage with the US business sector, government sector, and citizen sector (including philanthropists) to advance zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero net carbon emissions.  (Yunus, 2017).


The Yunus Social Business Resource & Support Center (USA) is led by Dr. Prof. David A. Jordan, a colleague of Muhammad Yunus.  Dr. Jordan is the Social Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Clark University  in Massachusetts; President of the 
healthcare organization
Seven Hills Foundation; and travels the world extensively in furthering economic, social, and environmental sustainability in developing countries.  He was the Founding Director of the first fully sanctioned Yunus Social Business Center in the United States.  As National Director of the YSB Resource & Support Center (USA), he speaks extensively to university students, academics, and business leaders about national and global issues.

Email: djordan@yunusrsc.org

Noel G. Alexander is a Senior Management Consultant and Principal at VAST Management Corp, a project management consulting firm specializing in information technology. He brings to the YSB Resource & Support Center (USA) operational management and creative approaches to linking innovative technology solutions to ‘social business’ and corporate engagement.

Email: ngalexander@yunusrsc.org